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These inspection products are pushrod CCTV cameras which are able to check existing pipes for damage in normal circumstance where PUB report is not necessary and the pipes are not too long. These are designed to be used on main drains and small-diameter pipes, starting from 1¼” / 32mm.

P340 flexiprobe

At the heart of the P340 flexiprobe system are the ruggedized and weatherproofed P340 and P340+ flexiprobe controllers, with the P340+ controller featuring a built-in Lithium-Ion battery. Both controllers record high quality digital video or images with a single button press, and display them on an ultra-bright 8” TFT screen.

Advanced digital capabilities mean that users can zoom, pan and rotate images during recording to focus in on problem areas. The P340(+) flexiprobe system can be adapted to many different inspection requirements.

P350 flexitrax

The P350 flexitrax system offers inspection professionals a comprehensive and portable crawler system. This advanced and affordable system features the simplicity and transportability of a pushrod system while delivering the functionality and performance associated with complex and expensive crawler systems.

Choose from three interchangeable cameras and two powerful, compact, crawlers that are designed to withstand the most challenging sub-surface conditions