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We are currently using the Spartan 81 for clearing the waste line and the Spartan 300 for clearing the chokes for the floortraps.

Spartan 81 Cable Machine

Hard-to-reach never means hard-to-handle when you’re carrying the Spartan 81 Cable Machine. Compact, lightweight and able to work vertically and horizontally, this is the perfect tool for tackling even the toughest, tightest medium-duty jobs in bathtubs, showers, laundry tubs and sinks. Looking for a lean, mean clog-busting machine? You found it.

Spartan 300 Cable Machine

When a challenging job puts you in a tough spot, you can count on the Model 300 cable machine to get you out. With a compact design that makes it perfect for tight spaces and narrow doorways, the 300 touts exclusive features like our patented Dial-A-Cable power feed that automatically sends cable in and out of the line, and our whisper-quiet, gear-reduced Permanent Magnet motor for quicker torque and longer life. Plus, the motor’s slip-clutch works to save your cable, and its 107 feet of cable capacity means that getting a compact machine doesn’t mean you have to give up big power and performance.