Electro-Mechanical Cleaning

Electro-mechanical cleaning is the backbone of drain cleaning operations.

Electro-mechanical methods are suitable for cleaning pipes and tubes of all types, from ½” (13mm) to 10” (255mm) diameter these could include pipes from sinks, urinals, baths, showers, main drains, sewers and gullies, process pipe work, interceptors, fuel lines, water mains, duct-work, heat exchangers as well as chimneys and flues.

The wide variety of machinery and associated equipment enable Enviro Vision to tackle all manner of blockages in drains and pipe work. Blockages can be in urinal primary pipes, process pipes, gullies and many more. The various types and sizes of cutters mean that the cables can reach around bends reaching otherwise inaccessible points. (Independent tests have shown that these cutters will not damage plastic pipes) Blockages can be caused by silt, scale, grease, rubble and even tree roots. Enviro Vision’s range of specially designed cutters, blades, brushes, retrievers etc will address any of the above blockages.

The working method is as follows:

  1. The appropriate tool/cutter is attached to a flexible metal cable driven by a 220 volt motor.
  2. The cable is then fed into the pipe and the attachment, working at controlled speeds is powered into the obstruction.
  3. At the same time water is fed into the pipe to flush out the broken up obstruction, the cutters then fully de-scale pipes and full bore is restored.

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