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These powerful nozzles are from Switzerland. The nozzles are made of hardened steel and are very sturdy. ENZ has spent a lot of money in R & D and they are consistently upgrading and improving their nozzles for quick clearing of chokes including breaking up the tree roots.

Bulldog® 14,500 psi

The ENZ golden jet® Bulldog® High Pressure rotating nozzle is specially designed for internal pipe cleaning up to 14,500 psi. It is suitable for removing even the most stubborn deposits from the pipe walls. Thanks to its clever bearing system, the Bulldog is virtually leak-free, resulting in higher efficiency. In addition, the forward-facing cross-jet cuts out the material from the blocked pipe like a milling cutter.

HRH Semi-radial rotating nozzles backwards

The semi-radially rotating ENZ golden jet® nozzles has 4 retroacting cutting jets at an angle of 45°, which provide the cleaning energy as well as the thrust in one function, resulting in a low water consumption, while maximizing cleaning and flushing. With sufficient water capacity, optional thrust jets can facilitate upward cleaning.

Applications include Cleaning of pipes for TV-inspection, to remove mineral deposits in pipes, grease and sludge and removal of fine hair roots.